I spent the day with Meghan, we covered a vast amount, a total revamp to my website, marketing strategies and advertising ideas! All in all, it was an incredible experience and Meghan definitely gave me that little extra push in my confidence that I felt I was lacking.


Meghan's enthusiasm for what she does shines through and she is full of imaginative ideas and very useful business advice. I would absolutely recommend to any business in need of a revamp or a little nudge to book yourself a 1-2-1 with Meghan, you won't regret it!



Meg was so great to work with, she was so patient and asked exactly the right questions to help me get across what little ideas I had in my head.


I really struggled with ideas of what I wanted or where to start with a logo for my small business. Meg couldn't have been any more helpful and came up with lots of ideas which we worked on, continuously asking for my opinion until the logo was complete.


I would highly recommend Meg as I am extremely happy with how my logo came to life!


Meghan has designed & developed the brand for my wellbeing business, starting with my logo, then flyers & Facebook adverts, and I will definitely be getting her to work on all future branding including website design. She is very talented & knowledgeable in her field of work, taking her time to fully understand my business & what I wanted. I love all the work she has done for me & can highly recommend her


Client Love

I got in touch with Meghan because I needed a complete website revamp and I had no idea where to start and I have zero creativity.


She helped me with the whole process, from the layout to the

finishing details. I needed creativity and someone who knew what they were doing and Meghan definitely had both of these!


For anyone who's considering a session with Meghan for business support, I can't recommend her enough.


I only saw her yesterday, but today I woke up and was really excited. So for anyone who's struggling - it's worth it.


Just book it!

I can't thank Meghan enough for all her help relaunching my business. She is always professional and willing to help.

Her 1-2-1 consultations are amazing and her prices are very reasonable for all the assistance I had. I would recommend her to anyone who needs business or website support. Meghan you are amazing!




I wish I could have a 1-2-1 with Meghan every month!


Meghan has helped me no end with the branding of my business, she always puts herself out to help in any which way she can and explains everything throughout. 


Meghan makes sure everything she creates is perfect for you and your business and that you are 100% happy with each step, logo, idea etc.


Meghan is helping me to expand my business in the future and has already helped me re brand, I know she will help me if she can and is just an absolutely lovely person to work with. I highly recommend her to everyone, if you’re starting up, wanting to rebrand or just want some good ideas/guidance.



Megs your girl! 


I used Meghan to re-brand my 2 bridal businesses earlier this year. I have worked with Meghan for the last few years and knew she was the person for re branding my business, she took my ideas inside my head and produced something even more incredible than I could have ever imagined.


The final product absolutely blew me away! She knew exactly they best way to tie both businesses together while still retaining their individual look. I have always produced my own branding prior to using Meghan but can honestly say I will never attempt it again and will go to her for everything.


She was able to offer me different levels of options for branding and cost, I took the full option as I knew if I only did part of it the rest would seriously be lacking! At every point she asked enough questions to know what I was looking for but not too many that i was having to talk her through exactly what I wanted.


Meghan's advice at every point was bang on from the size of the literature

to the finish to use she was correct at every point.


My business has excelled since our re branding and I finally feel we have the presence our shops deserve.


Meg is super easy to work with and listens to ideas and never makes you feel daft for asking any questions.


This was the best decision I made for my business and going forward

I know I have the support of someone who truly cares for my business as I do.



Meghan is such a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the industry, I learned so much! I left feeling confident that my service is valuable and unique,  and that the steps I am working towards are achievable and will propel my business in the right direction.

I see my coaching with Meghan a necessary investment not only for the business, but for me personally. In order to give your best, a portion of your time, energy and money must be spent in order to receive the guidance from those who are experts in their field! 


Meghan is the leading lady when it comes to the industry.

If you want someone to look at your business with a Birdseye perspective, from the outside in, and articulate your direction moving forward, Meghan is your lady! So good to get everything down on paper!


I encourage you to book your time with her to go through your business objectives. 


My business has changed and evolved over the last 2 years and with the new year approaching I decided to have a complete re-brand but had no idea where to start. I contacted Meghan for advice and she was amazing!


Meghan worked with my ideas and created the most gorgeous new logo, business cards, flyers and  a website that I am so

so proud of!


I never used to like sending potential clients to my old website but now I'm getting everyone I can to check it out!!


I can't tell you how much I appreciate Meghan's hard work..... She has made me proud of my business again!