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Why working on your own unique business marketing strategy is essential!

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I have worked with small business owners from a variety of industry sectors, companies both big and small, from fresh new online start-ups (even down to helping them decide their business name!) to small independent shops that have been in business for over 20 years.

They are all individual, each have their own unique business techniques that personally work for them, they have distinctive ways to communicate with their past, present and potential future customers and have unique stories to share.

Picture a street full of independent businesses in the heart of a small country side town, each one will provide different services and products to their local community, meaning each one will have an individual marketing plan and strategy in order to get their customers through the doors.

WHAT exactly is a marketing strategy and WHY it is so important to have one in place?

I am lucky enough to work with many truly incredible business owners, all with their own unique experiences, sets of skills and vast amounts of knowledge from within their own industries.

However, I can guarantee, that no matter the experience, I always find they ask the same questions during our sessions together…

How do I get my business seen in the land of Google rankings and social media feeds?

How am I going to be chosen over *Enter competitions name*?

How am I meant to make a profit when I am constantly having to churn out money on advertising and I can never guarantee that it will ever work?

How an earth do I know what my customers truly want?

Let’s admit it and all hold our hands up right now, we’ve all been there, we all get to the stage of working so hard “in” our business, that you fail to work “on” your business.

Yep, there we are slaving away on the hamster wheel that we call life, hand holding with customers that need your every ounce of attention and your suppliers are demanding more from you every day (Sound about right?), we are so tunnel visioned in the day to day runnings of your business, that we don’t ever consider stepping back and looking at things from the outside in.

But let me tell you, all these daily burning questions we have, like the ones above… Can be answered simply within your marketing strategy.

What is a marketing strategy?

It’s a personalised and unique structure for YOUR business that you have in place in order to advertise and market your business efficiently. Working on your strategy alone will allow you to reflect on what is and isn’t working in your business and to focus on your future targets and goals.

A marketing strategy can be broken down into small steps and stages in order to make it manageable and less overwhelming, but should always be seen as a long term plan that you have to commit and stick too in order to achieve the successful results.

Is your marketing strategy the same as your marketing plan?

Think of it as a holiday! You would never book and pay for your flights and travel arrangements until you’ve found the perfect location, accommodation, checked out the area and local amenities and sorted out your budget… Your marketing strategy is ultimately the research behind the plan, it’s the understanding of what works and what doesn’t, knowing your budget and then using all of what you’ve found as a base for use in your marketing plan.

Your strategy is your WHAT.

WHAT works best for your business?

WHAT doesn’t work at all?

WHAT methods are going to help work towards your goals?

WHAT strategies will make you stand out from the crowd?

WHAT are your customers pain points?

WHAT can you do in order to help solve their problems?

WHAT is my realistic marketing budget and how can I ensure I use it well?

Your marketing plan is your HOW.

How can I ensure the marketing that I do will work for my business?

HOW am I going to carry out said methods in order to work towards my goals?

HOW often will I carry out the strategies that make me stand out from the crowd?

HOW can I hit my customers pain points within my marketing copy?

HOW can I ensure the content I provide makes my customers feel I am helping solve their problem?

HOW do I stick within my marketing budget and ensure that I use it to my best ability?

The problem most business owners have, is that they skip the WHAT part and jump straight into the HOW, without truly understanding what is going to work for them. They assume, guess or just hope for the best without doing their research. This is where business owners waste so much money and energy, resulting in them being burnt out and failing.

The benefits of having a marketing strategy

It allows you to reflect on what is and isn’t working in your business and to focus on your future targets and goals.

It helps identify and ensures that you are crystal clear on your business’s ideal customers, your niche your overall brand and your brand message.

Enables you to create content that will resonate with your customers and their pain points, resulting in connecting with them and making sales easier.

Determine your business’s future targets and goals.

Creating a marketing strategy will help with your budgeting, your content planning, help establish and communicate your brand and brand message clearly to your customers and make sales much easier for you.

Creating a detailed marketing budget and structure will help you save both time and money.

A marketing strategy is necessary if you want to create a clear cut, simple and EASIER way of doing business.

If you would like to work on your own businesses marketing strategy and kick start a potential life changing business plan for you and your company, then download my FREE marketing strategy blueprint today by clicking here.

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